The Military Star Card is a relatively basic credit card with no hidden fees. However, it’s still a credit card, so there are some costs to consider before deciding if it’s the right card for you and your family. Currently, the Exchange Credit Program (ECP), administered by the Army and Air Force Exchange Service (AAFES) for all currency exchange operations, offers two different credit card programs.Military-Star-Card With the Military Star Card, you can get a credit line valid only at the Exchange’s base stores, including gas stations. Here is a detailed description of how to apply for the Military Star Card in this section.

Military Star Card Application Process

So, if you want to apply for the Military Star Card, you can follow the guidelines below;

  • For more information about the My Exchange credit program, visit the website (
  • On the home page, scroll down and click the Apply Now button at the bottom.
  • Read the Disclosure Notice, Privacy Policy, and Instructions before starting or completing your application.
  • At the bottom of the page, you will find a button that says Next. So click on them after reading them.
  • Complete the form with your social security number, initials, suffix, and first and last name.
  • Enter the following fields: street name, apartment or suite number, city, state, zip code, and period used in the current address.
  • Enter your income, employment, and other information (such as your mother’s name and monthly rent or mortgage payment).
  • Then enter your contact information, for example, your email address and cell phone number.
  • You must enter the string shown above in the box below.
  • By clicking “I accept,” you confirm your consent.
  • Finally, click on the Submit Request button.

Benefits Of Military Star Cards

  • Most major credit cards have a higher interest rate than the Military Star Card.
  • No annuity.
  • There are no late or over-the-limit fees.
  • The interest rate you pay is not affected by your credit rating.
  • The reduced rate during deployment.
  • Using the card can help you get good credit through regular and timely payments while in the military.