Rewards And Discounts

Military Star Cards are credit cards marketed and advertised as credit options for military personnel. At the same time, it referred to itself as an AAFES card. While there are many promotions and incentives you can apply for, few details or conditions are available to you. The Commercial Credit Program page provides basic information that will allow you to make an informed decision about card terms.Military-Star-Card Many locations on the base accept the STAR card, including currency exchanges, commissioners, gas stations, uniform stores, and convenience stores. In addition to earning cash or points, you can redeem them for account credit, gift cards, and more, depending on your chosen military credit card.

Rewards And Discount Offers Available At Military Star Card

The reward structure is quite simple. Below is the list of rewards you can use to earn your own money and the discount offer that will save you money using your Military Star Card in detail:

  • Each time you use your card at one of the approved locations listed above, you earn two points for every $1 net purchase.
  • Once you reach 2,000 points, you will automatically receive a $20 MILITARY STAR rewards card. It means that each point is worth one percent.
  • Exclusive Exchange offers promotions for purchases with the Estrella card, such as sweepstakes, discounts, 0% interest, and much more.


  • During deployment, you will be able to continue shopping, but you will not need to make monthly payments, and you will have the opportunity to reduce your interest rate to six percent (6%).
  • Your reward points will not expire as long as you have at least one purchase activity every 12 months; However, the rules are subject to change without notice.
  • The card offers other ways to save. Aside from earning two points for every dollar of eligible purchases, the card provides different ways to save. Some of the savings you can take advantage of are:
    • and offer free standard shipping.
    • The Army and Air Force Exchange Service and participating facilities offer a five-cent-per-gallon fuel discount.
    • Participating Army and Air Force FX offices provide a 10% discount on food court purchases.