Frequently Asked Questions

Military Star provides affordable and responsible loan solutions for military personnel. The Army and Air Force Exchange Service operates the Military Star program on behalf of the military resale community. Military personnel can obtain the Military Star Card through the Credit Exchange Program.Military-Star-Card Did you know that Congress instituted the MILITARY STAR card in 1979 to protect the military from predatory lending? Providing service members with a business credit card with the lowest APR in the industry continues to put your credit needs first. We offer a list of frequently asked questions and answers to improve your knowledge of this map as a soldier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can The Military Star Card Be Used Anywhere?

There are only a few places where the Military Star Card can be used, including:

  • Commissionaires
  • Uniform stores
  • Armed Forces Leisure Center Leisure Hotels
  • Army Housing, Morale, Welfare, and Recreation
  • Subscription to Boingo Wi-Fi service on the base
  • Armed Forces Network Equipment (required if rented)
  • Basic gas stations
  • And Mini-Marts/Shoppettes based
  • In Base Six stores
  • Some mini-mall-based retailers

Is It Possible For Military Star Card To Deduct Your Taxes?

In case of bankruptcy, there are no debts with Military Star Cards. Filing for insolvency protects your income tax return from compensation by the federal government. Once your Military Star Card debt is in default, the IRS will not be able to reverse your tax refund.

What Exactly Is The Military Star App?

You can check your balance, pay bills, track your spending and rewards, search for deals, and enjoy unique features like biometric login and automatic notifications.

What Exactly Is The Difference Between PX and BX?

The names “PX” and “BX” no longer exist. At Army facilities and Air Force bases, the Army-Air Force exchange service refers to as “eXchange” (full-service store) or “eXpress” (shoppette/gas station). People in the military still say “PX,” while people in the Air Force still say “BX.”

How To Contact Military Star Card Customer Service Centre By Email?

You can contact the Military Star Card Customer Service Center by sending your questions and complaints to [email protected].